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本文摘要:Apple made its case for consumers to buy its forthcoming smartwatch, positioning the device as a way to handle the brief interactions that fill our days, from meeting reminders to short messages to calling for a car。


Apple made its case for consumers to buy its forthcoming smartwatch, positioning the device as a way to handle the brief interactions that fill our days, from meeting reminders to short messages to calling for a car。苹果公司公布了新款智能手表以促成消费者出售,并把手表的功能定位与为获取便利的客户处置日常与他人对话途径,从一般的会议警告功能到短信恶魔车子。

Other technology companies have introduced smartwatches in recent years, but theyve failed to gain widespread adoption because consumers struggled to find a compelling use for the devices。其他的技术公司也在近年引入了智能手表,但这些公司并没提供普遍的注目,因为消费者绝望于否需要寻找一个抗拒他们用于这些设备的功能。

Apple hopes to change all that with a tool that presents users with bite-size chunks of information and saves people from the hassle of reaching into a bag or pocket for a phone, while offering new ways to communicate through taps and vibrations。苹果期望转变设备中以比特大小信息块抗拒用户从口袋里思索手机的现状,通过页面屏幕和振动的形式构建用户之间的交流。Apple Watch can be an incredibly rich and an integral part of your life, chief executive Tim Cook told a media briefing in San Francisco. Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created.“苹果手表将不会沦为你生活中最非常丰富且不可缺少一部分”,苹果执行长库克在旧金山的媒体发布会中说,“苹果手表是我们建构过的产品中最人性化的设备。

”Apple said thousands of apps had been developed for the watch, and showed off apps from WeChat, Major League Baseball, American Airlines, Instagram and Uber。苹果公司回应,“成千上万”的手机应用于专门为这款手表而设计,并展出了其中的微信,美国职棒大联盟,美国航班,instagram和优步软件。Apple said the watch will be available in a wide range of designs and prices, from $US349 to $US17,000 for gold-cased versions of the most expensive model, Apple Watch Edition. Apple said the variety aims to reflect the personal nature of the device。

苹果公司回应,这款手表将不会以大众都可拒绝接受的设计和价格面世,从349美元到17,000美元,以金环版本为最便宜的款式。苹果还回应,设计有所不同的款式在于体现设备的人性化本质。For the Apple Watch Sport with an aluminum casing, Apple said prices will start at $US349 to $US399 depending on the size of the face. The stainless steel Apple Watch starts at $US549 to $US599. The high-end Apple Watch Edition starts at $US10,000, making it one of the most expensive products Apple has ever sold。

至于铝金属表壳版的Apple Watch,苹果回应价格将根据手表表面的设计以定在349美元至399美元。不锈钢表壳则从549美元至599美元平均。而Apple Watch Edition为自定义版,从1万美元起,沦为了苹果公司史上售价最低的产品。The watch will go on sale on April 24 in nine countries, although the company will start accepting pre-orders on April 10. Apple said the watch will have 18 hours of battery life and will be able to conduct phone calls。


Apple Watch is the companys first all-new product since it introduced the iPad in 2010. One of the biggest questions hanging over Apples incredible success is whether it is sustainable as the company branches into new corners of the electronics world。Apple Watch 是苹果公司时隔2010年的iPad后首款全新的产品。


苹果公司之所以取得如此难以置信的顺利,其中仅次于的问题就在于否需要维持公司在电子科技世界领域的可持续发展。The smartwatch market is still nascent. A slew of competitors from established names like Samsung Electronics, and LG Electronics to lesser-known startups like the Pebble and Fitbit have introduced offerings aimed at creating demand for wearable devices, but most have failed to gain momentum。智能手表的市场才初绽头角。

大到众多早就正式成立的公司的竞争者如三星电子,LG电子,小到Pebble和Fitbit,也已引入了目标在于生产可佩带的设备的技术,但大多数都发展得不如人意。As it did successfully with the iPhone and iPod, Apple is trying to re-define a new product category with a sleek and thoughtful device. For Mr Cook, it also is a chance to prove that Apple can still produce the types of breakthrough products that defined the company under his predecessor, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs。


In addition, the company unveiled a new 12-inch MacBook that Apple calls its thinnest ever with a battery that can last all day. The device weighs two pounds and also will be available in gold. Prices start at $US1,299, and it will start shipping April 10.除此之外,苹果还揭露了12英寸大小的MacBook的面纱,并标榜其电池是史上最厚的的续航电池。重量只有2磅,并且还有镶金款。价格从美元1,299,在4月10日开始发售。At the event, Apple also showed off new software called Research Kit, which will help researchers and medical practitioners gather and organise patientss medical data through the iPhone。

在此次发布会,苹果同时展出了新的软件,取名为搜查工具箱(Research Kit),需要协助研究者和医学实践者通过iPhone搜集并整理客户的医学数据。The kit will be released next month. Apple said all data would be private and that the company wouldnt see it。这款工具箱将不会在下月公布,苹果公司称之为,软件里的数据是用户的隐私,苹果公司的员工是会看见的。

Marketing the Apple Watch, meanwhile, wont be as simple as marketing past Apple products. The iPod was a way to carry a music collection in your pocket. The iPhone was a mobile phone plus internet device, with a revolutionary touch screen. Apple sold the iPad as a simpler way to browse the web, view photos and watch videos。推展Apple Watch不如推展之前的产品那么非常简单。iPod是你把音乐随身携带的一个方式。

iPhone是一部可网际网路的移动手机,后用革命性的的触碰屏幕。苹果公司出售iPad,标榜其需要为用户获取快捷的途径网页网页,查阅图片和观赏影片。Still, analysts expect Apples brand appeal and the companys loyal customers to make Apple Watch the most successful wearable device on the market。再者,分析者预期苹果的品牌效应及其心目中的消费者也不会把智能手表沦为市场上最顺利的可佩带的设备。





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